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Nikon 80i Upright Microscope


This upright widefield microscope system is intended for transmitted light imaging or fluorescence imaging. Transmitted light imaging uses the green QIclick camera with Windows 10 on the computer called Hamilton.  A gray Hamamatsu OrcaER camera is available for fluorescence using the Windows 7 computer called Farnsworth. Please feel free to discuss camera capabilities and using the microscope with personnel

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Powering up: - (if everything is off)

Setting up for transmitted light imaging
--> If transmitted illumination is not required then go to "for fluorescence imaging only" below

Setting up for fluorescence imaging (only if required)

Q-Capture - running the camera

Powering down

Equipment Information


  Mag NA   Feature Condenser Phase WD  
  2x 0.1 PlanApo lambda 2-4x - 8.5 mm  
  4X 0.13 PlanFluor   2-4x PhL 16.5 mm  
  10X 0.3 Plan Apo   0 Ph1 4.0 mm  
  20x 0.75 Plan Apo   0 Ph2 1.0 mm  
  40X 0.75 Plan Apo corr 0 Ph2 0.14 mm Correction collar must be set correctly
  100x 1.4 Plan Apo   0 DIC 0.13 mm  
  100x 1.3 0 Ph3 Not kept on scope





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